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Core Classes


Core: [kawr, kohr] the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

In Fall 2014 we offered the first of our "Core Classes." Each class meets 11 weeks and will be offered two times per year, similar to how college classes are offered. 

We call them "Core Classes" because we believe these classes are essential for training men and women to become what God has called all believers to be, "Disciples Making Disciples." 

In Spring 2015 two additional courses were added - "Spiritual Disciplines" and "An Overview of the Old and New Testaments" along with "Foundations of the Faith." In Spring 2016 "The Church - Ecclesiology" was offered and this fall (2016) we are adding "How to Share Your Faith." Additional courses will roll out with a total of 6.

All classes are being offered within a three year time frame. We have designed it this way so that everyone will be able to complete all of the "Core Classes" in a short period of time. It will also allow those who are in the Military to be able to complete all the classes within the typical time frame they are stationed at Ft. Knox.

Our desire is for all adults that are part of Severns Valley to complete all of the core classes. We are very excited about how God has led us to offer these classes and can't wait to see what He does through them.


  • Foundations of the Faith
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • An Overview of the Old and New Testaments (Seeing Jesus throughout the entire Bible)
  • The Church (Ecclesiology)
  • How to Share Your Faith
  • Being A Disciple-Maker

Spring 2017 - Begins February 8th 

We will have one Core class during the spring semester. Class meets Wednesday nights, 6-7 pm February 8th through May 3th. The only weeks we will not meet are April 5th and April 12th.

Register online or after services starting January 22nd.


Being A Disciple-Maker

Jesus gave his followers a very clear message before he ascended to heaven: Make disciples. What exactly does Jesus mean by this? How do I even begin the process of accomplishing this?  What guidance can I find in the Bible for making disciples? This new CORE class will set out to answer these questions along with giving you practical application in becoming an effective disciple-maker. 

Teacher: SV Pastors

You may audit or take the class for credit.