Service Times: Classic at 9:00am | Contemporary at 10:45am


Welcome to SV Kids - a place where your kindergarten-5th grade child will learn how to Love God, Love People and learn how to become a Disciple of Christ. We want to support what you are teaching your child about following Christ in a fun, engaging, and educational way as we share with them how they fit into God’s big story.

Small Groups - Sunday, 9am or 10:45am

Small Groups are age appropriate groups where our amazing leaders pray, teach, interact, and build relationships with all of the kids in the group. Our large group time of worship is where our incredible storyteller shares the Bible story for the day, we sing songs, dance, and even play silly games! Come join us at 9am or 10:45am!

Sunday Night - 5pm

Children engage in fun games, enjoy a snack time and other activities while parents are in small group.

Noise - Wednesday, 6-7pm

At Severns Valley we recognize and celebrate that every child is unique and gifted in different ways. On Wednesday nights 6-7pm children have the opportunity to explore various skills: photography, crafts, painting, sports, cooking, writing, drama, music, and more as they learn how to use their talents to share the gospel with those around them.

Does your child make a super-yummy batch of brownies? Do you have a little Picasso in your home? Maybe you have a child who loves all things sports or perhaps you have one with an eye for great pictures. No matter what talents or gifts God has given your child, we are going to learn this semester how to make a lot of NOISE for Jesus as we use our unique abilities to spread the gospel! Every skill time will have a time of devotion in which the children will learn more about the gospel and how to share it with others.

Join us Wednesday nights 6-7pm in the chapel as we divide into 9 different skills:

Drawing/Painting: Children will create a portfolio of different pieces using all types of materials, mediums, and ideas. (Grades K-5)

Building/Creating: Children will create three small art/creative projects that they can take home. They will also do some of the projects for other people. The three projects come from Isaiah 49 (our namesare written/graven on God's hand), Ezekiel 36 (God gives us a new heart) and the gospels (the cross and resurrection. (Grades 3-5)

Photography: Work with a real-life professional photographer to learn some basic photo 101 skills, terminology, and how to take great pictures! Children will take pictures every night to add to their portfolio, which they will take home at the end of the semester. (Grades K-5)

Drama: Enjoy the art of acting! Learn how to make different facial expressions, use body language, and vocal projection when participating in a drama. Children will be invited to watch and/or think of a scene from some of their favorite movies and act it out while using their new skills. (Grades 3-5)

Cooking: Whip up something sweet each week to sample, take home, share with the whole group, or send to helpers in our community. Children will learn how to make fun snacks and treats using simple (and super yummy) ingredients. (Grades K-5)

Lights, Camera, Action: Do you love computers? Do you want to know how to run the lights on a Sunday morning in SV Kids Worship? This skill is for you! In Lights, Camera, Action we will learn how to build and run the computer program for Sunday morning SV Kids worship, run the lights and microphone as well as help with the stage set-up. These children will also create promotional videos to use for special events such as Fall Family Fun Fest and Vacation Bible School! (Grades 3-5)

Worship Team: Do you love to sing and dance? This skill is for you! Join the worship team as we learn all the songs to help lead worship on Sunday mornings! (Grades K-5)

Recreation: Soccer, flag football, volleyball, oh my! Do you love all things sports? Well, this skill is for you! Join Rec as we learn new games and have a blast! (Grades K-5)

Music: Do you love to make a joyful noise? Join our music skill as we learn fun songs to help us remember books of the Bible, key passages of the Bible, and fun facts about the Bible. This skill will also learn a few Christmas songs during the fall semester and Easter songs during the spring. (Grades K-5)

I'm a Christian Now

Did your child recently become a Christian? Is your child wanting to be baptized? Every semester we offer a 4-week course, I’m a Christian Now, for new believers. Email Ashley Purcell for more details.

For more information contact:
Ashley Purcell, Children's Minister
Bre Sao, Children's Associate
Peg Grimsley, Children's Ministry Assistant